Metal Detecting Training Day Details

Discover Metal Detecting Training

From beginners to advanced, from the beach to the goldfields, fast track your learning experience to get the most from a metal detector.

Metal detecting is an exciting hobby that is enjoyed by people of all ages. For newcomers, it can be daunting to know where to start and how to achieve success in the field. That's why a training has been designed specifically to give newcomers a great start and a serious chance of success.

In this training, you will be shown some of the secrets of research that have taken years to master and have been proven to succeed. Rest assured that Mick will be guiding you through this training; a professional who has made metal detecting a living. Mick has the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to help you achieve success in this hobby. With this training, you will have the tools and techniques needed to get started and become proficient in metal detecting.

A summary of what you will learn:

  • Metal Detecting Equipment familiarisation
  • Discover the secrets of where to search; including fields, beaches, foreshores, woods and the law
  • Learn cleaning and Identifying finds
  • Vital skills in the discovery of Digs & Rallies

Details on Day Course: 

The first half of the day course will comprise of a class style tutorial covering:

  • Setting up your detector and start prospecting
  • Researching new gold areas
  • Learning how to read the ground
  • Indentifying the sounds to listen for
  • Pinpointing a target
  • Being environmentally friendly

The second half of the course will be out in the field putting into practice the learnings from the morning session and reading the ground.

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