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What you will learn from RawGold

Andrew’s academic background combined with his years of practical gold prospecting has lead to the development of a unique set of skills. However the average prospector has limited access to such information and these often closely guarded techniques. Many in fact often classed as secrets within the geological and mining world.

The following is an example of subjects discussed and exposes a number of these secrets and techniques that you can learn and Andrew will provide you with successful cutting edge techniques when looking for gold.

The trade secrets of a Geologist:

  • Exploring regionally and drawing the focus into a local target
  • How gold is formed and why it chooses to deposit itself in particular regions
  • Structural and Mineralogical conditions conducive for gold.
  • Reading worked ground and the myriad of techniques that can lead to success
  • Basic exploration techniques that the big gold mining companies use that can help you as a prospector
  • Reading new ground, some key techniques.
  • Finding the source of gold
  • Vital skills in the discovery of finding patches
  • Why gold sources are often over looked and missed by prospectors

Andrew is not only a gold prospector, but a Geologist, having prospected for gold for over 30 years...

Geology is a science and the application of this science drives much of the development of the mineral industry. A key aspect to this is the understanding of deposit types; how they are formed and the environment conducive to their development. Understanding this not only takes a University degree, but years of experience and practiced application. Geological exploration techniques, combined with deposit setting and styles are not widely publicised and in a practical sense not even taught. To the average person without a background in Geology, the whole subject can become very technical and academic, making it hard to understand.  Andrew attempts to simplify the subject and express these technical “trade secrets” in layman terms

Andrew is specialised in understanding the characteristics that lead to a gold deposit.

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