Nuggets Collection

Our natural Gold Nugget Collection is a collaborative partnership of renowned Jewellery & Object Designer Janis Valdivia from ILLARIY ( ) and myself.

Australian Nuggets are typically high grade, 23K or slightly higher. Our sparkly gold nuggets have tremendous amount of character and intricate shapes that make them unique. Our Nugget Collection is made of gold nuggets studs & individual collector grade gold nuggets. Australia is in a blessed continent with some of the best gold in the world and the gold nuggets from here are some of the purest averaging over 95% pure gold in most cases. These gold nuggets have been hand dug from remote regions of Victoria, Australia.

The often sharp, variety of shapes and high purity make Australia gold nuggets some of the most sort after by gold collectors and investors around the world.

If you would like to get either  gold nuggets  or/and a pair of gold nugget studs from ILLARIY's ecommerce site just click in the title of the following pictures.

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